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Hans-Lars was born in 1989 in Nuuk, Greenland:
“Animals and aircraft have always accompanied me throughout my life. Raised in Greenland, I visited the mandatory schools in Nuuk, business school in Copenhagen (Denmark) and additional aviation education in Greenland. After working in the aviation industry for several years, I decided to move to Switzerland and build a future together with my partner Patrick. We Greenlanders have a special relationship with nature: having relied directly on what nature had to offer to us for thousands of years, the respect of our environment including animals, plants and, of course, other fellow humans, is part of our collective DNA. From childhood on I have always lived with cats and dogs and even took care of an arctic fox on an airfield in North Greenland. However, I only know polar bears from the zoo – Nuuk is not a place where sledge dogs and seals say good night. Here in Switzerland, I live together with my partner and co-founder of care4cats Patrick and our two Maine Coon cats Ziva and Sputnik. Living without animals? Unimaginable to me! I can’t wait to get to know you and your beloved pet(s). I speak English, Greenlandic, Danish and have basic knowledge of the German language.”

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Patrick was born in 1985 in Bern, Switzerland:
„Köbi was the first animal I lived with. From my first day of life on. Köbi was a funny parrot: every time a dog visited us, Köbi continued barking for days. Sushi, a stubborn and elegant Westie girl followed. And then Cheyenne, an even more stubborn Westie girl. In between, I took care of my own fish tank. And now, together with Hans-Lars, we share our apartment with our two Maine Coons Ziva and Sputnik. Guess what? I love the cold. How else would someone fly to North Greenland in February to do some cross-country skiing? And get to know his soul mate and life partner there, on the little airfield? The best trip ever – even though I did not spot a Nanoq (polar bear) there. Soul mate? Yes, because aviation and animals are also two lifelong passions of mine. Thank you, nature to give us this variety of life on earth!I’m glad to support Hans-Lars and share care4cats engagements together with him. Working as a business school teacher in Zug, I have learned to appreciate the beautiful region of Zug. Even as a Bernese. Me too, I can’t wait to meet you and your fellow pet(s). I speak English, German, French and have basic knowledge of the Italian and Danish language.”

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